My Approach

Success through Coaching with Cynthia, LLC provides coaching, mentoring, education, and resources to women with or without mental health challenges who want to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Success through Coaching with Cynthia, LLC uses evidence-based tools, strategies, curricula, and research to provide services.

There are three Areas of Focus:

Healthy Living - Optimal health starts with Quality Eating, Physical Activity and Smoking Cessation (if needed)

Personal Development - Taking control of your life – life balance, time management/scheduling, financial wellness, and/or reaching your goals.

Family Wellness - Creating a plan and improving the skills of the caregiver to achieve optimal health for the whole family. We look at the individual family members’ relationship with the caregiver, and the health and well-being of the individual.


Life and Health Coaching, and Peer Support – are processes of giving guidance, encouragement, and assistance to achieve optimal long-term health and wellness. It is offering emotional support, sharing knowledge, teaching skills, providing tools and practical assistance, and connecting individuals to resources, opportunities, community support, and other people.

Clients with one or more mental health diagnoses will receive specialized Peer Support.

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