About Me/Why Me


Hello, I am Cynthia Seale, the founder of Success through Coaching with Cynthia, LLC. In addition to being a coach, I am a Public Health Educator and a North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist. I received my BS degree in Community Health Education at Herbert Lehman College.

During my public health career of over 15 years, in New York City and North Carolina, I successfully implemented maternal & child health programs. I coached, mentored, and provided education to women, teens, and families in various areas of their lives – parenting, health & wellness, educational pursuits, self-improvement and relationships.

Being successful in assisting clients to reach their goals, I continuously attend trainings and workshops to stay up to date on evidence-based curricula, tools, strategies, and research.

Why coaching?

There were participants that achieved their goals but there were others that didn’t get the opportunity to get to the finish line. Funding was an issue, they moved, or they no longer met the requirements of the program. I was also meeting families that had too much income to participate in a program and yet not enough resources to meet their wellness goals. Then there were families that had more than enough finances to invest in meeting their wellness goals but lacked education and support. I hated what I saw; it wasn’t right.

I needed to figure out how I could meet the needs of the people I met. I began my journey of introspection, set some goals and decided how I was going to utilize my talents, education, training, and experiences to assist people that wanted to facilitate change and reach their goals. I decided having a coaching practice was the best way to accomplish this. 

Why me?

The Cambridge Dictionary states, “Life coaching is the activity of helping clients decide what they want in their lives and how to achieve it.” Merriam-Webster states, “A life coach is an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems.”

In addition to using my education, training, and personal experiences, what makes me a unique coach, is I use evidence-based curricula when appropriate, strategies, tools, and research to get you to the finish line. What does that all mean? When you are ready to commit, you and I, together with those tested and proven interventions, strategies, tools, and research will get you to accomplishing your goal or goals.

Even I have had quite my share of hardships. Going through those various things were tough but I can say I am stronger because of what I experienced. I can’t say I went through everything you have, or that my outcomes will be your outcomes. What I can say is I can relate; I understand.

My life

I’m a mother of two biological children, Zoe and Elias, two stepchildren, Caitlan and Christian, and two fur babies, pup Fozzie and kitty Scooter. My life partner Troy and I have been committed to each other for a little over eight years now.

Going to the gym, strength training, Zumba, and yoga are some things I enjoy doing. Entertaining, cooking for my friends and family, and being outside are my favorite pastimes.

I have overcome the trauma of sexual assault, beat obesity, and because of the advances in technology, I’m staying ahead of the prognosis of blindness.

Stay tuned! There are books on the horizon in my name, as well.

Enough about me, let’s get you started on your journey to the finish line! 

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